The important ability is to be able to keep "sea prohibition" and "captain's world"

Life on board. Generally we don't plan to put far to the open sea. Mostly we will be moving inside fjords closed from storms. Please read some recommendations about life on Alter Ego.

Sea sickness is a constitutional peculiarity not illness. 90% of people easily adapt to rolling in the first day. A lot of people even didn't notice it but some people get sick. There is only one way to know you peculiarity. You have to try a yacht journey.
There are different ways how to struggle against sea sickness. Some people prefer keep watch, the other sleep at the deck. Maybe for you will be better to enjoy landscapes or to drink a cup of hot tea. The most important thing is not be afraid of sea sickness. In our Ski&Sail programs 90% of time we spent in fjords and in the mountains.
We know from previous experience that after sea journey you would get car sickness less.
One more recommendation is not to eat greasy food before the first day of journey. Be ready to spend a lot of time in the open at the beginning.

The bunks are situated in the triple and four-seater cabins. The cabins are warm but we recommend you to take a sleeping bag (temperature of comfort 0C).
Take two sets of baselayers. One is for sleeping and the other is for ski-tour. There is a cupboard for drying but it's not huge.

We have no cook in our team. So we cook ourself (if you want to hire a cook ask me and we'll discuss).
We buy food in Russia and Finland before journey. Some food buy on the spot. If it's possible we fish. If you are allergic person write me at
Breakfast and dinner are included. Don't forget you favorite snack.

Alcohol. There is prohibition on board during the navigation. Alcohol is very expensive in Norway. Under the low it's prohibited to bring in more than 1 liter of alcohol (stronger 40%) per person. So cheaper to take from home or to buy in Duty Free.
The captain is the main person on board. His word is the law.

Qualifications of applicants:
- be friendly, adequacy, teamwork.
- willingness to ski-tour with 1000 m climb.
- snowavalanche skilles
- to have all gear for ski-tour and all avalanche equipment.
- one of the important ability is to be able to keep "sea prohibition" and "captain's world".

In the price:
- 7 days on board
- food (except alcohol)
- service of a guide and a crew.
- fuel and parking in marinas.

Additional cost:
- flight or car to start/from finish
- sport insurance.

1. 500 EU when booking
2. The remainder pay not later than 3 months before start.
It is possible to cancel a reservation not later then 3 months before start.

It is obligatory to make a sport insurance for program Ski&Sail.


The nearest airport, start and finish point and start and finish date are in describing of each program.
For example: Lofotten - Tromsø 04 april - 11 april
From the North of Lofotten through straits and freeraid spots of Senja to our center in Tromsø.
We start on the 4th of April at the pier Evens (3 km from the airport). Finish is on the 11th of April at the Vikran (25 km from Tromsø).

The nearest airports are in Tromsø/Bodo/Evens depends of the program. There are no regular flights from Russia to the North Norway. You can choose flights with transfer in Rige or Oslo. Usually it takes about 8-16 hours with two transfers from Moscow to Tromsø. The price is about 200-350 EU.
From St.Petersburg it is possible to get to Helsinki and then to Tromsø. There is a regular flight once a week.
TRANSFER from the airport.
There are different ways of transfer. Sometimes we would meet all participant at the airport, sometimes you have to rich the yacht by yourself. For example from Bodo to the pier it is possible to go on foot (just 800 m). You can go by bus (Tromsø airport to Vikran is about 20 km. The bus is in the morning and in the evening, ticket is about 30 EU). You can take a taxi. We send our coordinates to all participant after we get to the pier.

You can travel by car to the North Norway. It takes about 25-30 hours from Moscow. The most part of the road passes across Finland, some part of the road passes across the tundra. Only the last 200 km os the road passes across mountainous part of the North Norway. Fuel is expensive in Norway but if you were good at planning your journey it is possible to refuel in Norway only one time. I advance you not to break speed limit in Norway. You will be fined even for 2 km/h higher then the speed limit.

You have to be in start point not later than 12-16 hours before start. We will get up very early in the first day. It means if the first day is on the 22d of April, your have to arrive at the 21st of April. You may check-in on board in the evening on the 21st of April.
Departure. It is almost the same rule like the arrival. The finish of the program is 12-00 of the current day. If the finish is on the 29 of April it means we will finish at 12-00 on the 29th of April. You return flight can be in the evening on the 29 of April or in the morning on the 30th of April.

Additional options.
In Tromsø our center is located in fishing center Vikran. You can leave your car there during the program. We book a bath there at the end of the program. If you want you can made a skitour for yourself in the nearest forest before or after the main program.
The first and the last day of the program are allays days for passing by to and from the region. It doesn't mean "day without skiing". The day is long in Norway (about 19 hours in April) so it is possible to make 6 skiing days during the 7 days of the program.

We don't describe the exact route because the weather and snow make some adjustment. If the forecast is bed we try to change our location. In the evening the guide make a plan for tomorrow. It depends on the weather, snow, health and members's possibility. The captain has the deciding vote. He has to be sure he will be able to pick up the group after skiing even the weather will changed.

The cheerful atmosphere is the most important part on the yacht.
Our foto help to feel and to take pleasure in traveling with us. How to be happy? We have an answer: to live from a whole, to protect the Nature, to live in harmony.