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Alter Ego project
To travel by yacht over the Arctic
There are not many yachts capable of doing autonomous expeditions to the North to the Arctic Circle and polar latitudes. Alter Ego is one of them.
The Alter Ego's story began in the Soviet Union when an engineer Sergey Zhakov created five prototypes. Then he improved the sixth for his family and himself. His dream was to round the world. The yacht was named Alter Ego.
Alter Ego left a dockyard in the Black Sea and went to the North. So Alter Ego chose it's life journey.
During 2000-2014 years the yacht changed the homeport, furrowed the Mediterranean Sea, sailed the Atlantic and to Franz Josef Land and moreover Alter Ego was used like a floating hotel in Bergen. After all a new owner modernized it and Alter Ego was given a new life.
Usually the life of privately owned vessel is about 10-15 years. After that it demands a whole repair: a hull, deck plate, engine room. So 2015 could be the last year of Alter Ego's life. Fortunately the yacht was bought and it was completely reconstructed. All parts even the smallest were looked over.
A group of people literally settled in Sandnessjøen (Norway) reconstructing the yacht. Alter Ego was restored to life and found his true vocation to be a polar yacht.
Every summer for two months Alter Ego is a technical research ship. It serves difficult Arctic expeditions. During the last tree years a crew was four times in Franz Josef Land, tree times in Novaya Zemlya. A lot of discoveries have been made.
The Alter Ego's cabin head is very cozy and warm. You can see amazing Arctic landscape through the portlights.
You could easily become a part of crew in spring and autumn seasons. You are welcomed on board to discover the North Norway.

In practice Alter Ego is a small scientific ship corresponding with the modern Arctic standards.
It means a diesel-generator, self-sustaining period more than 6000 nautical miles, distiller, heating, navigation, thermal camera, echo sounder, satellite communication. Even more there are folding pier and overhead crane for full-size boat to go on shore. Alter Ego is a peculiar yacht because it can bring us to the places difficult to access. You can search and discover where big ships can't anchor.
Introduce Alter Ego
Limiting dimensions
Alter Ego is a big yacht or small ship. It length is 18 m, width is 5 m, weight is 50 tons. The mast height is 23 m. The draft is 280 cm.
Life support system
There is an ending-room under the mess room.
There are:
- Diesel engine (150 HP).
- Diesel-generator.
- Water distiller (output 150 l/h)
- Emergency pump
- Autonomous diesel heating boiler
Life-saving equipment
There is a life raft with an essential services at the Alter Ego's stern. The unsinkable plastic boat is on the overhead crane. Also there are an emergency beacon, life-jackets and dry suits. It is speedy access.
Thermal insulation and heating
New system of thermal insulation and heating was installed during the reconstruction in 2017. The autonomous diesel boiler (power 14 kw) is the main Alter Ego's heating system.
It connects with living zones through complex flexible pipes.
In the middle part of hull there is a cupboard for drying. Each cabin is supplied with places for drying.
Daylight and ventilation
Each living cabin is supplied with two-plies hatches, viewports and systems of ventilation.
The main zone of the cookhouse is situated in the adjacent to the mess-room's passage.
There are:
- Chest freezer (150 l)
- Washing with hot water, sweet water and sea-water.
- Gas-stove with an oven.
- Places for pots and pans
- Places for a long-term preservation.
Passenger capacity
In the ordinary routine Alter Ego accommodates about 12 people. There are 4 cabins
1 - Mess room
2,3 - Afters cabins
4 - Forward cabin
5 - Captain's cabin
6,7 - Latrines
8 - Latrine, shower
9 - Cookhouse
Mess room
The mess room is spacious and warm. It is comfortable to eat for 12 people. There is a foldable table with the place to work with pilot chart and maps.
There is a place for navigator opposite the table. A big medicine box is next to navigator's place is in the cupboard. Thanks to big viewports you could enjoy Arctic landscape not to come to the deck.
Forward cabin
It accommodates 3 people. There are 3 sleeping places. In case of need the space between beds could be covered by shield with mattress to make a king-size bed. Entrance to the tank bay is on the cabin bows. There is a big cupboard at the passage to the common corridor.
Captain's cabin
Captain's cabin is opposite the cookhouse. The captain and the first officer live there.
Bow latrine and shower
There is an extra heating system at the bow latrine. It uses for a shower. A pump is under the hollow floor to make a water flow.
The first after cabin
It is the biggest cabin. There are 4 sleeping places, one of them is double. There is a lot of space for a big cupboard, boxes and an angle table. There is a latrine in the passage.
The second after cabin
It is situated at the left on the after body. There are a latrine, two big beds, a berth and a table.
The cheerful atmosphere is the most important part on the yacht.
Our foto help to feel and to take pleasure in traveling with us. How to be happy? We have an answer: to live from a whole, to protect the Nature, to live in harmony.
Aleksandr Chichaev
The captain and expeditionary director.
Mikhail Tyagushkin
The captain.
Kirill Savchenko
The first officer
Aleksandr Bogdanov
Guide, the first officer
Artem Oganov
The first officer
Sergey Vedenin
Ski guide
Evgeny Feshter
The director of polar tours.
Kristina Tenyaeva
Guide and a sea cook
Anna Khankevich
Ski guide
In spring 2019 we are going to the north cost of Norway: from Bodø to Finnmark through Lofoten and Tromsø.
Spring 2019 programs in Norway
Lofoten South
guide Sergey Vedenin
This travel in on the South Lofoten. The program is for confident skitourists.
26 March - 02 April - 1350EU
Lofoten South and North
guide Sergey Vedenin
Medium level. To travel From South to North Lofoten searching the best places.
04 April - 11 April - 1350 EU
Lofoten - Tromsø
guide Anna Khankevich
Easy travel. Ski/sea passage 50/50
13 April - 20 April - 1500EU
Tromsø (South)
guide Anna Khankevich
The South and the Centre of Tromsø is the best place for beginners in skitouring.
22 April - 29 April - 1500EU
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The Chronicles of Alter Ego
What does yacht traveling mean for me? It is like the first time to see the mountains or the Ocean. Really l think it is both. It was one of the strongest impressions from last few years.
It was my first travel by yacht. Everything was new to me: to be at the wheel, to keep watch, to cod from the board, to cross the sea at night, rolling. It was unforgettable. The yacht was fit perfectly for Arctic expeditions. It was always warm and dry. I could write a book of huge tales from the Captain Mikhail and the first officer Kirill.
We were lucky. The weather was great: the sun and fabulous fiords. Environs Tromsø was desolate shores. We saw rare lighthouses and fisher villages. We used a motor boat to reach new places.
Every day Kirill took us away to the shore. Sometimes it was difficult to find the right place. There was no snow at the shore but were stones covering by soft seaweed. Evidently we were not the first people with ski there. Children in villages were playing without demonstrating an interest to us. Once we flushed deers.
The mountains are not high. All climatic zones concentrate in one km height difference. At the top there are incredible view, cold wind, sastrugi and concrete. You could find powder on the descent and a slush underneath.
What could be better then swimming in cold water after perfect skiing? Of course it is a hot shower after.
Don't forget to fasten skis and snowboards at the deck, otherwise it could be in the water.
Nighttime is time for crossing, keeping watch, good sleeping even in a rolling.
It is funny but you forget how to walk on the firm soil when you have spending a week on ski and deck.
We made a few stops in small ports to buy some culinary delights and beer.
We came to a base in Vikran at the eighth day of our journey. I caught myself at thinking about come back.
Petr Zelenkov
Tromsø 2018

For me it was a new experience of traveling - Sail&Ski.
We believed to spend 10 days on the yacht, crossing the sea, fiords and islands, maiking stops in beautiful places. We didn't have a plan for skiing but we wanted to ski in any places we'd like.
-I've like that slope. Could we moor to it?
- Of course we can! No problem!
You get to the start easy and funny. You have been landed so you are ready to skitour and then go down. You can repeat it unlimited.
It is necessary to mention the process of traveling between fiords by yacht. It is extremely interesting and comfortable because your home travels with you. You don't need to take all your stuff like you do usually in several days trips. You are being always waited for the yacht at the end go skiing. The yacht means your home, warm, food, electricity, and hot shower.
There is only one problem - a rolling when you reach a big open water. It expected to get used for several days. Fortunately we were spending a lot of time in the quiet waters of fiords.
Alter Ego was complimented with a small motor boat. We used it for going ashore so we could make the start at any spot. For example we could start at the bottom of a mountain. It was very good for us and make our skitouring life much easy.
Snow was right at the water no matter where we went ashore: an island or a continent. I mean - Ski In, Ski Out. It is common for the part of Norway.
Gregory Korneev
Ride The Planet 2018
When i've known about Sli&Sail in Norway i immediately wanted be there.
How does it possible to choose between your two favorite things: the sea and the mountains? I think better take it both!
Could you imagine beautiful Arctic, Norway fiords, a descent from across country, the best team. I did, so i decided: "I'll get it".
Tromsø is a perfect place for skitouring in April-May. It is snowy but not very cold. The relief is good for making interesting lines.
Days are long and you feel comfortable in a long journey.
The peculiarity of this program is to live on the yacht. It is so exited to keep watch, to cook at the cookhouse, to set sail, evening disscutions at the mess room. You know it is difficult to describe but it is worth doing.
It was a great idea to combine the yacht and skis in Norway. You feel a freedom and unlimited opportunities for searching new lines.
To tell you the truth it was amazing! I want to thank the crew for being there, the organizers for the good idea and realization. It was mixed and created a wonderful atmosphere.
Vasiliy Shibaev
Tromsø 2018

When i monitored a congelation i often worked on the big ice-breakers between Arctic and Antarctic archipelagos. When i was at school i traveled by rafts in the White Sea. My first serious experience had happened in the Laptev Sea. It was a strong storm and it was impossible to stay at the cabin. Most of time i was at the wheel. It was the most right place in the rolling as i learned later.
Then i circled the Antarctic on the discovery ship "Akademik Fedorov". I was on the ship "Somov" traveling along the Franz-Josef Land.
At that time it was different. I mean our Norway tour. I felt different. Everything was so close: sea animals, the crew, the spray of the sea. Even my equipments were different. I took a ski and a small paraglider instead of thermometrical instruments.
Andrey Abramov
Ride The Planet 2018
The captain Mikhail and the first officer Kirill are the Alter Ego crew. The crew is very experienced. Not once the crew did long sea expeditions. The yacht has a metal hull. It class is a motor sailing yacht. It is 18 meters long, 50 tones. The mast is 23 meters. The yacht accomodates 12 people include the crew.
You can use a motor or it is possible to sail. The maximum speed is 9 knots per hour.
When i saw the yacht for the first time it looked too small for all our equipment. In a few days the yacht became our sweet home.
Aleksandr Ilin
Ride The Planet 2018
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